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     Theresa Hatcher, Owner-Broker  
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You may also Call us for Mobile or in-house Notary Services. 702-278-2104

For a Spiritual Blessing, please click on this link to order a copy of our Book, or CD
namely: "Hearing God Speak," by Pastor Theresa Hatcher
http://www.hearinggodspeak.org, 702-278-2104

Welcome to Levite Realty Website, now with Property Management
Specializing in managing properties for Investors who have individual
properties in Nevada, and need someone to manage those properties:
-- Locate Tenants,
-- Collect rents,
-- Supervise Maintenance,
-- Manage financial accounts, and more

Contact Pastor Hatcher at Levite Realty, where our goals are to assist
our clients with Buying or Selling their
home, or land.  We invite you to
relax and browse our pages
with the confidence that, should you decide
to do business with
Levite Realty, you will be treated  with the utmost respect.  

Pastor Hatcher would like to invite you to get your own copy of her book
"Hearing God Speak".  Please go to her website:
http://www.hearinggodspeak.org to order, or simply call: 702-278-2104. 

on KKVV, 1060 AM, Christian Talk, Las Vegas, Nevada; or stream on www.KKVV.com
and type in "Hearing God Speak," Thursday,  09:32 am - 10:00 am

Our commitment to you:  All transactions will be done, with the client's best
interest in mind.  Prices of homes are as low as they have been in recent years.
Home Loans, though more stringent,  are still possible to obtain.  Beginning in 2007
and beyond, we have learned a few new words, such as "Short Sales,"
meaning, the Lender agrees to take less than is owed them on the property;
and the word "Foreclosures" meaning, the Lender takes the property back for
non-payment,  as full or partial payment of the debt owed on it.   Yes, these
words were around years ago, but they were not used as much.  Prices of
homes are now lower, but real estate transactions are taking longer.  So when
you are considering purchasing a property, please give Levite Realty a call, and do
remember these words:  "Be Patient, and you will succeed".  Thank you for listening.  

About the Owner - Broker: Ms. Hatcher has been in real estate sales for over 15
years. Real Estate is just one of her passions, she is a Pastor, in a Christian
Church in Las Vegas. She is also a traveling Evangelist. Ms. Hatcher, or Sister Hatcher
believes that having God at the head of her life teaches her to be honest,
and fair in her dealings with her clients, and all those around her. In the church,
"Hatcher Hallow Christian Ministries," located at 1717 Ferrell St, Las Vegas, NV 89106,
she works with children and adults. She travels to various states in the U.S.A.,
as well as overseas to share her faith. Ms. Hatcher looks forward to serving
you both now and in years to come. And please come see us at the church.

About our name: It is interesting to note where different companies derive their
company's name. Levite Realty, was inspired of the Lord. When Ms. Hatcher first
heard the name, in her heart, she knew, it was the chosen name. The name
came from The Levitual Priesthood, who were one of the tribes of Israel in the 

Old Testament. Aaron was the head priest. Moses, Aaron's brother was of course
a Levite, and a Prophet. Furthermore, Ms. Hatcher believes this name was chosen
by God, to honor her father, Levi Charlie Hatcher, born in 1903, and departed this
life in 1970, along with her mother, Mary C. Hatcher, who was born in 1918, and
departed this life in November 2010. Thank you for visiting with us.

E-mail: thwmortgage@cox.net, or hatcherhallowchurch@cox.net

For a Mobile or In-Office Notary:  Please call: 702-278-2104

Searching for a place to worship:
Please visit us: at Hatcher Hallow Christian Ministries

1717 Ferrell Street * Las Vegas, Nevada  89106

Sunday Morning Worship:  10:30 am
Morning Prayer and Bible Study:  Mon - Fri,  6:00 am - 7:00 am

Note 1:  To leave a comment, please go to our Guest Book.  

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